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I see that there are essential oils on your wipes, are these still safe with my pets?Updated 2 months ago

As part of Biom’s commitment to better ingredients, we only use essential oils (never synthetic! 🙅 ) in order to power the signature scents behind our All-Purpose and Hand Sanitizing Wipes. However, we also know there’s some misinformation about essential oils and its safety around pets. We want to help clear things up!

The ASPCA and other pet health authorities agree: In their concentrated form (100%), essential oils can absolutely be a danger for pets. Dogs and cats who have either walked through oils, gotten some on their coat or had oils placed directly on them can develop health concerns. However, at Biom, while we use pure essential oils in our products for scents, they are diluted so much in our wipes formulations, that they’re reduced to a miniscule amount that is nearly undetectable for animals and humans (though they have a nice smell, don’t they?!). 

Don’t just take our word for it, though! Even the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center (PCC) agrees that items like diffusers and cleaning products with trace amounts of essential oils are safe around dogs and cats. Charlotte Flint, a senior veterinarian consultant with the Pet Poison Helpline’s clinical toxicology department said, “[I] wouldn’t put a pure concentration oil on my pet.” She added pet products containing oils, like [wipes] and flea shampoos, are safer to use on pets than pure oils, and these tend to have oil concentrations in the single digits…” 

We couldn’t agree more! So rest assured, if your pup has a rogue cling-on, grab one of Biom’s All-Purpose Wipes or Flushable Wipes, and you’ll be all set. However, if your pet accidentally *ingests* any of Biom’s Wipes, please immediately consult with your veterinarian to get Fido feeling better. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a note at [email protected]

Source: ASPCA

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