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It’s my first time ordering, and I’m pretty sure my order is scheduled 3 months from now, but your system sent me a refill a month after my order.Updated 2 months ago

Thank you so much for joining the Biom fam! We’re excited to welcome you to our community of good, clean fun 🥳. When ordering a Starter Kit, there are a couple options on our product pages: Auto Delivery (Subscription) and One-Time Purchases. For those that opt in to a subscription, the Starter Kit comes with 1 Refillable Dispenser and 1 Wipe Refill.


Because our subscription Starter Kits come with one Wipe Refill, we anticipate you’ll run out within 30 days. That’s why all our Subscription Starter Kits refill after 30 days, and then on the frequency of your choosing (every 2 months, 3 months, etc.). If you’d prefer to push out this 30-day refill order, feel free to login to your subscription after your first order is placed, and adjust the next refill accordingly in your portal. 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a note at [email protected]

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