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Biom's award-winning, patented Refillable Dispenser.

What makes the Dispenser different?

Biom’s Dispenser was designed by a team of industrial designers to look nice and function just as you would like it to. It contains a double-pressure hinge with built-in magnets, and silicone gaskets to ensure an airtight closure each time, keeping w

How did you design the Dispenser?

We spent 12 months working with a team of industrial and mechanical designers. We tested hundreds of different designs and continuously looked to improve the product based on feedback. While we are very proud of the products we offer today, they will

What is the Dispenser made out of?

Biom’s Dispenser is made out of ABS plastic. It is extremely durable and we offer a lifetime warranty on it. Should you ever have issues, we will send you a shipper to mail back to us and get a new Dispenser in the mail on its way to you. We repurpos

Isn’t the Dispenser… Plastic??

Yes! Our Dispenser is made out of extremely durable ABS plastic (BPS/BPA Free!). The purpose is that it is refillable, effortlessly chic, and will last a lifetime. Now you can kiss those other single-use tubes goodbye!

How do I insert the wipes in the Dispenser?

To get your fresh wipes set up properly in your Dispenser:. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Can I use other brands with your dispenser?

The design of our Patented Refillable Dispenser is optimized for all Biom Wipes. We highly suggest using them in conjunction with our other products!

What are your warranty coverages for the dispenser?

Our Dispensers are extremely durable, hence we offer a lifetime warranty on it. If ever you have issues, you may contact [email protected] and we shall assist you with the replacement process.