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Biom is committed to the cleanest, safest, and planet-friendliest product standards. 💚

How does buying Biom have an impact on the environment?

Great question! Simply by using Biom in substitute for single-use wipe products you are reducing plastic waste (85% reduction of plastic in the packaging), and in most cases- you are helping reduce waste in the wipes themselves (90% of wipes today co

Do you make any charitable contributions?

Yes we do! Every Biom product purchased contributes to our annual commitment of removing 1.8 million single-use plastic pouches from nature and funding 50 jobs dedicated to fighting plastic waste. Through this partnership with rePurpose Global, we ar

How much plastic am I saving by switching to Biom?

Biom's wipes packaging uses 85% less plastic than leading disinfecting brands. The impact of switching to a plastic-free wipe is difficult to quantify, but 259,875,000,000 disinfecting wipes were consumed in North America in 2019... so it's a lot!

What should I do with the wipes packaging?

Biom’s wipe refill packaging should be discarded in the trash can once removed, but we always recommend checking the packaging’s recycling number and seeing if it is compatible with your local municipal recycling capabilities.

How long does it take for your wipes to break down?

Our wipes break down in 14 days in aerobic conditions (with oxygen) and 28 days for anaerobic (without oxygen) 😊.

Can this go in my compost? If not, would I have to put it in my trash?

Sure can! Our wipes are certified Home Compostable by TÜV Austria (a leading international compostability evaluator), and our wipes are also Lomi Approved! If you want to get technical about the specifics, we put our wipes to the test, and found that